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Back to School

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

School is back in full swing and after a year of alternative learning, we wanted to take a minute to review some of our favorite back to school tips from Tidewater Chiropractic.


Your kid's backpack should weigh no more than 10% of their body weight. If they weigh 50 lbs., their backpack should at most be 5 lbs. Make sure the straps are not too large for their shoulders and when wearing the backpack, the straps should be cinched so most of the bag is above their belt line.

Desk Setup

Having an at home study space is very important. Set up a desk area with plenty of room for papers and a proper screen height if computers are being used. Try to avoid studying in bed. Focusing on work while in bed promotes poor posture and can create a stressful environment in an area where you should be relaxing. For more tips on desk setup, check out this video:

Fuel your Brain

Using your brain burns a lot of calories. Making sure your kids eat a nutritious breakfast and have a healthy lunch that will fuel their day. Oatmeal or eggs with whole wheat toast are examples of breakfasts that can help keep you going throughout the day.

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