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Many of my patients have been getting out and trying new activities recently. Pickleball is one of my favorite new sports, helping improve balance, coordination and cardiovascular health. Here are a few of my pickleball tips.

1. Don't over do it:

When adding a new activity to your schedule, it’s important to not jump into an extreme and play for 3 hours your first time out. Start playing for 30 minutes to an hour and gradually add time as you improve and your body adjusts to the new movements.

2. Take a class:

Having someone watch you play and make corrections is one of the best ways to avoid injuries. A good coach can help you learn the basics, tell you when a move is going to cause you injury, and how to fix your form on different moves.

3. Most common injuries this week:

Here are a few areas where I’ve noticed people are injuring themselves and coming to see me. - Bending over at the waist or falling over to hit a ball low to the ground ( bend your knees!) -Keeping your feet planted ( stay light on your feet and move your whole body to make a hit) - Forgetting the basics ( make sure you’re thinking on core stability with any movement).

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