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Get to Your Running Goals

Have you been running more since you’ve been stuck at home? Are you noticing that you have foot or knee pain now that you’ve picked up this hobby? Here are some of my favorite tricks to help with your running goals.

1. Check your shoes: All running shoes have a mileage. If you’ve had the same shoes since 2015, it might be time for an upgrade.

Pro tip: When you do get new shoes, make sure you break then in gradually. Run for 5-10 minutes, then switch back to the old shoes. Increase the time little by little.

2. Change the direction you run: Many of the streets and sidewalks are slanted to help with water drainage. Running a loop in the same direction everyday can put more stress on one leg than the other. By running the loop in reverse can even out the impact over both legs.

3. Pace yourself when it comes to distance: You don’t need to run a marathon on your first day. Change up your distance daily and include a rest and recovery day to avoid over training injuries.

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