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Its Your Feet, Man!

Struck with a nagging knee, or hip pain? Can’t run more than 30 minutes and your arches hurt?

It could all stem from your feet. Yes your feet are the foundation of how your body moves. With over 33 joints in your feet, they all must be working right for you to be able to walk or run.

The arch of your foot acts like an arched bridge; just as the keystone holds up the weight of the bridge, the bones in your arch do the same to hold up your foot. Furthermore, when this arch is working properly it acts as a bungee cord, stretching out as your foot hits the ground then recoiling sending you forward in space.

If this complex arch system is not working, the next joint up the line makes up for it, which could lead to knee or hip pain. Often times these knee or hip problems, like runners knee, could be fixed by treating your feet!

If your new year's resolution is to start running, or when you do run your feet are killing you, you can come in to get your feet checked. We can make sure all the joints in the foot are working to keep you moving without pain.

We will be taking a break from the next blog posts as they fall on christmas and new years, but stay tuned for more informative blog posts for 2020!

If you have questions on a blog or have ideas for a blog post feel free to respond!

Picture Citation: Siddiqui, I. (2018, April). Anatomy Dept at Nishtar Medical University. Anatomy Dept at Nishtar Medical University.

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