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Reading in Bed

I’ve had several patients come in complaining of neck pain while they are trying to read in bed at night. Setting your smartphone aside and reading before bed is a great way to cut out some of that exposure to blue light and help you relax and wind down after a busy day. Unfortunately, when you read in bed, your neck often ends up in a poor position for an extended period of time. Here are a few ways to help set your neck in a better position while you read.

Read in a chair

To avoid the poor posture that reading while lying in bed creates, try reading in a chair then moving into bed when you’re finished. The chair can help put your neck and upper back in a better position while you read.

Hold the book at eye level

Focus on holding what you’re reading at eye level instead of looking down at what you’re reading. This will keep your neck in a more supported position and can even help you extend your reading time. If you don't like holding your book up, try an adjustable book stand.

Get a bed wedge

This triangle shaped pillow like tool can help prop you up in bed and provide the support that your neck and upper back need while you’re reading in bed.

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