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Self-care. Find what works for you.

Finding a self care routine that works for you can be challenging. It’s not one size fits all. Most people I see in the clinic know they should be doing some self care, but many of my patients don’t know where to start or why they are doing any of these activities. Here are a few tips to help keep your self care routine on track.

What is self care?

  • Self care is an activity that helps keep you healthy. It can keep you physically healthy, like exercise or making a healthy diet change. It can also be an activity that helps you stay mentally healthy, like meditation, or emotionally healthy, like listening to a favorite podcast or spending time with your family. It is an activity done by you for you.

Keeping on track.

  • It can be hard to add new activities to your daily routine. What might be relaxing and rejuvenating for me might be stressful for you. So when you are testing out new activities that incorporate relaxation or mindfulness, try this activity a few times and check in with yourself. Is this activity having a positive effect on your life and is it helping you get closer to your goals?

My self care isn’t getting me to my goals!

  • Don’t worry. Like I said, not everything you try is going to work. Think about your goal. Maybe you want to be more mindful and you are trying to meditate. If sitting in a quiet room and trying to clear your mind isn’t working, change it up and try a guided meditation video from YouTube, or a mindfulness Yoga class. The possibilities are endless. Find what works for you.

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