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Student Syndrome

What is student syndrome?

Student syndrome is a rounded shoulder, head forward and down posture. Similar to a hunchback position. It can cause aches and pains across the mid back and neck. We call it student syndrome because it is most commonly seen in students while they are studying. We also see this in people that have a desk job or spend several hours on a computer.

Here are 3 tips to alleviate student syndrome:

Change the computer screen position.

-- Your eyes should be looking at the center of the screen without tipping your head up or down. The screen should be 1 arms length away.

-- The keyboard and mouse should be low enough to create a 90 degree elbow angle. Your hips and knees should also be at 90 degree angles and your feet should be flat on the floor. If you can, work on getting a standing desk.

-- Stand every hour. Set a timer for yourself and try to move around for 10 minutes every hour. Get some water, walk around the office, get up and get moving. You want to get some motion back in your spine.

Eliminate a laptop if possible.

-- They are one of the worst things for student syndrome and are terrible for your posture.

-- If you cannot get a desktop computer, look for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Set your laptop screen to eye level and use the bluetooth keyboard lower at the 90 degree elbow bend.

Adjust your backpack

-- Your backpack should never be more than 10% of your total body weight. The lighter the better.

-- Make sure you have both straps on your shoulders and the bottom of the bag should be above your belt line.

-Bonus tip: Reward yourself with a squat for every email you send or every 30 minutes

of studying.



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