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Travel tips for flying

One of the most popular questions I get asked, especially after an adjustment, or if a patient is wary about traveling while they are still recovering is:

“Any advice for when I fly next week?”

Get an aisle seat.

That way you can get up and walk around more easily than if you were in a center or window seat.

Try to get up and walk to the bathroom or back of plane every 30 minutes.

It helps to drink water while on the flight. You will stay hydrated and have a reason to get up and go to the bathroom!

Board the plane with a sweatshirt and tennis ball.

You can use the sweatshirt to roll up and position behind your lower back for support.

You can use the tennis ball behind your back as a trigger point tool. Place it anywhere there is a knot and lean into it for 1 minute.

Try not to sleep on a plane.

There is no comfortable, ergonomic way to sleep in an airline seat. If it is a red eye, or an international flight where you have to sleep, I recommend taking your shoes off to ease circulation at your feet and ankles.

I do not recommend leaning forward and sleeping on folded arms on the tray. Try using a U shaped pillow to help support your neck.

Ship your heavy items to your destination.

If you are traveling for over a week and you are injured and cannot lift heavy bags, I recommend shipping the bulk of your things. Use a carry on for items you may need while in the airport and you can ask someone to lift the bag into the overhead compartment or stow under the seat.

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