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What Are Repetitive Motion Injuries? 

A repetitive motion injury is an injury that comes on from doing the same motion over and over again. This can be from a sport, such as a baseball or golf swing, or from daily tasks like washing dishes or driving. Here are a few of my tips to help reduce the pain caused by repetitive motion injuries.  1. Switch sides:

Doing the same movements over and over can create a muscle imbalance on one side. By switching arms and practicing those movements on the opposite sides, you can help strengthen those weakened muscles. 

Pro tip: When warming up for your sport, practice your swing on the opposite side. This will help warm up both sides of your body and begin to strengthen your weaker side. 

2. Reduce the number of reps.:

This is a good tip for both sports and daily tasks. Instead of hitting 100 golf balls at the range, cut back to 25 and really focus on each swing. You may feel like you can do more, but the rest will help five your body time to recover. For daily tasks, like ironing clothes for example, pick 1-2 of the most important items for that day, then stop that task for the day.  

3. What should I do when I can’t switch sides?

For tasks like driving, writing, or typing, it's important to take breaks. Perform the task for 30 minutes, then take a 5 or 10 minute break. This will take you longer to complete these tasks, so plan your time wisely. 

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