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Why Maintenance Care?

We all practice maintenance care in our daily lives, whether it’s brushing your teeth or changing the oil in your car. Maintenance care helps catch problems when they are small and keeps them from snowballing into larger problems. If you can catch the issue quickly, you can fix it and recover in less time.

Treat your health like a race car. Come in for a pit stop before a tire blows on the track

Maintenance care can have many names, like wellness or preventative care, and can keep those everyday stressors from turning into larger injuries. Activities we partake in daily, such as driving, sitting with crossed legs, and exercising, will start to change your posture over time. If unchecked, these postural changes will start to cause issues like neck and back pain.

In an article by Eklund, he found that “In patients with recurrent and persistent LBP (Low Back Pain) who respond well to an initial course of manual therapy, MC (Maintenance Care) resulted in a reduction in number of days with bothersome LBP per week, compared with symptom-guided treatment.” (Eklund 2018). What he is saying here is that the people that came in for wellness visits experienced fewer days of pain than those that only came in when they were injured and in pain.

Pro tip

Set it and forget it. Set your wellness routine in your calendar so you don’t need to keep it on your mind. Then the calendar alert pops up, you’ll know it’s time to come in.

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